pure handmade
100% frost resistant
own delivery service
pure handmade
100% frost resistant
own delivery service
pure handmade
100% frost resistant

Why choose Terracotta-Depot?

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Wide assortment of products - premium quality

At Terracotta-Depot you can choose from a surprisingly large variety of handmade premium terracotta from Italy in different forms, variations and colours. Different preferences or different styles, our customers have the choice.

From traditional, timeless forms to modern, unique designs - from olive-grey to ash-white the characteristic colouring varies. Our Impruneta Terracotta gives Mediterranean warmth and brings natural elegance and atmosphere to life.

An extensive range of interior and exterior furnishings and fittings in Impruneta Terracotta (Tuscany, Italy) - whether round in conical or cylindrical form, oval or rectangular; with plain, decorated or without decoration, in small or large, with or without column; as flower pot, plant container, plant pot, cassette, vase, amphora, jug, oil jug; lamp, figure or statue, bust, fountain, cup or plant bowl - everything that can be made of terracotta!

From a single plant pot to a freely expandable garden system or special amphorae and fermentation tanks for the storage or production of premium wines and virgin olive oils.

There is something for every possible requirement, taste or ambience - you'll be sure to find the right one for you!

Enjoy the shopping experience on our website and enjoy the exceptional quality of our products - at work, alone, with friends or family!

Do you miss something you would like to order from us?
Have you seen a special plant / flower bowl, fountain or figure made of terracotta - would you also like to enjoy this unique sight?

Write us an e-Mail and we will take a look for you in our manufactory warehouse in Italy.



Lifetime warranty - 100% frost proof

The special thing about our Impruneta Terracotta is that it is 100% winterhard/frostproof or winterproof - if handled properly, it will last for many generations and seasons. Due to its unique properties, Impruneta Terracotta only absorbs a minimum of water and is therefore extremely resistant to weather influences such as frost, acids and salts.
All terracotta from our range are UV-resistant and do not become brittle due to their natural and gentle manufacture.
A masterpiece for forever!

Handmade Impruneta Terracotta from our range - of extraordinary robustness and resistance - comes with a lifelong guarantee against frost damages.
This is the solid proof of trust we place in the high quality of our products and services.



Certification - pure handmade work

All of our frost-resistant Impruneta Terracotta articles are provided with a production seal to prove the origin of the production.

Only the branded stamp on the terracotta proves the authenticity of the highest-quality, original Impruneta Terracotta, as well as the origin and production in pure handwork!
Each terracotta is individually handmade, following old traditional production processes!



Green production - Nature Product

All products you receive from Terracotta-Depot are natural - in organic quality, without the admixture of resins or residual oil inclusions, which can damage sensitive plants (as in the case of machine-made products). Our Impruneta Terracotta is, among other things, food-safe for the fermentation of high-quality wines or for the storage of olive oils - resource-saving and sustainably handcrafted according to old traditions.

We not make compromises when it comes to quality processing - Passionately terracotta!



Many years of experience

With more than 30 years of professionalism and the desire to constantly improve our work, Terracotta-Depot is the trusted partner for Italian terracotta with individual customer service.

Ordering terracotta from www.terracotta-depot.com guarantees you a high-quality end product that sets new quality standards and is second to none!
With great commitment and more than 3 centuries of experience, we bring a piece of Mediterranean lifestyle from Tuscany, also to you.



Quality evaluation by experts

Terracotta Depot ensures that all products are of the highest quality. All products are subjected to a very strict control, which includes a manual inspection of each unique product by experienced professionals.

Every detail of our products is created and produced with the finest care and attention - based on our years of experience and in-depth knowledge.
Our passion is Impruneta Terracotta!



Fast individual delivery

Terracotta-Depot offers a fast and individual delivery to your address.

For larger orders of our handmade and frost resistant terracotta we deliver directly with our own transport company. So we can guarantee that you will receive the lovingly, very time-consuming processed unique pieces as a whole.

We would like to coordinate our delivery dates with you in advance.


Terracotta-Depot_Payment Terracotta-Depot_Payment_Process

Payment methods

Terracotta-Depot has designed the ordering and payment process to be secure, smooth and as convenient as possible. We offer different payment methods so that you can choose the one that best suits you - so you will receive your handcrafted and frost-resistant Impruneta Terracotta as soon as possible.


Ethical principles

In all our thoughts and actions, we see it as our responsibility to respect nature and people as well.

When you buy a product from Terracotta-Depot, you can be sure that the products do not come from industrial processing - but from our handicraft business and manufactory, which painstakingly produces by hand according to old, traditional processing methods.

Do you have any further questions or suggestions? Please let us know here!